Published 28th January 2022

Shaun Features on New Barcode Stamps from Royal Mail!

Something new has come to Royal Mail stamps...and Shaun the Sheep is getting involved!

Over the coming months more Royal Mail stamps will feature special barcodes which allow you to share exclusive videos with your friends and family! Shaun's delighted to be featured in this exciting new development; from today you'll be able to embed a very special Shaun the Sheep video to your stamp, so the recipient of your card or letter can receive some added fun with their delivery!

It's a great way to give someone an extra surprise, for a birthday or other special occasion and there will be more videos coming soon. Right now you can share a sweet and funny clip of Shaun and his chums getting up to mischief when Rita, the local postie, arrives with a delivery; simply be sure to buy a barcoded stamp then use the Royal Mail app to learn how to embed the Shaun video and share it with your lucky recipient.

For more information and full details of how the stamps work, visit the Royal Mail website.