Published 4th February 2015

Giant Shaun Appears in London

Londoners and tourists were in for a surprise last week when a giant Shaun made an appearance along the banks of the Thames. The impressive 3-metre high sculpture was erected on the South Bank, just down from the London Eye and National Theatre, to celebrate the UK release of Shaun the Sheep The Movie. We think you'll agree that a larger-than-life Shaun makes an eye-catching addition to the capital's scenery!

Aardman co-founder Peter Lord and Nick Park popped by to have their picture taken by the giant sculpture.

Shaun also made it onto breakfast TV when Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin broadcast her weather update in front of Shaun!

The giant Shaun also gives a hint of what to expect when Shaun in the City arrives in London on 28th March. While the Shauns featured on the trail won't be quite as big, each individually designed Shaun will be located at a key point around the capital, adding some colourful, interactive fun to your visit to the Big City! The trail will also visit Bristol later in the year - you can find out full details about Shaun in the City here.

The giant Shaun has now moved on from his riverside home - sorry if you misssed him! But we'll let you know if he's going to be let loose again...