Babysitting Timmy

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  • teddyくままん kumaman

    so cute <3

    I love Timmy :)

  • Netteflo

    Love this video. Timmy is adorable 

  • Kaloyan and shirley

    Timmy's diaper!



  • DanTDM

    That's rude!What happened if you were Timmy and YOU done it?

    It will be LOL for me but not for you.

    You are like this devil!

    Please also subscribe to my youtube channel and I'll see you later!BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • teddyくままん kumaman

    Timmy ほんとうにかわいい!!:)

  • paolazone5

    Timmy is my favorite!!!! I can watch Shaun the sheep all day, they are so cute and funny.

  • Silverfox


    But Shaun must provide a pullover for Timmy!

  • nikola

    hahahahahha so fun

  • R.Sri Asvin

    Dear shaun the sheep 

    i have some questions about your cartoon.

    1)is timmy shaun's younger brother?

    2)is timmy's mum also shaun's mother?

    3)who is timmy's father?

    i am so confused that's why i ask this question. if anyone knows the answer plese comment

    from asvin

  • ashleyc Aardman Team

    Hello Asvin

    Shaun and Timmy are not related, just part of the same flock and Timmy's father is not a member of the flock.

    You can find out more information about each flock member on the Movie page