See Shaun Come to Life with Mardles Stickers!


Enjoy some Augmented Reality fun with Mardles' Shaun the Sheep Stickers! The interactive stickers can be applied to any surface and come to life when you hold your device over them!
You can buy a double pack of stickers from the Aardstore, including 12 colouful scences of Shaun getting up to lots of fun and mischief. So, how do they work? Firstly, download the Free Mardles app from the Apple Store, Google Play and Amazon. Then, apply a sticker and hold your device over it...then watch as Shaun comes to life! Each sticker features realistic movement and sound, plus you can control Shaun using the on-screen joystick to make him go in whichever direction you want! There's also a selfie feature so you can pose for a pic with Shaun. 
The double pack in the Aardstore features the following interactive stickers at £11.99:
Shaun to be Wild - see Shaun take part in extreme stunt biking, become a superstar DJ, fire out of a cannon and much more.
Mayhem in the Meadow - see Shaun take a selfie, play keepy-uppy, enjoy a pizza and more.
The stickers are reusable each pack contains 12 designs, with two of each design. You'll also be pleased to hear that the app requires no registration, no data usage and no in-app purchases, making it ideal for young users. You can find out more on the Mardles website.

Posted by Luisa 1 year 1 month ago

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