November's Art Yard Winners Announced!

Thanks for filling our gallery with another fantastic array of wonderful pictures and models this month - you certainly helped to cheer up what can be a bit of a gloomy month!

You came up with some great ideas for how the Flock might pass a rainy autumn day - we saw them splashing in puddles, enjoying a rain shower and staying indoors to eat lots of cake (always a good option when it's too wet to go outside!)

After taking a good look at all your entries, we've picked the following as our winners:

First prize: Novembaaa Rain by momiji-aya. A beatufully designed and shaded picture of the Flock wearing their wellies for a day splashing in puddles

Runners up:

Timmy Shower in the Rain by kuroi maple. A super cute picture of Timmy enjoying a scrub under a happy cloud!

A rainy day by elpida. We loved this sweet model of Shaun taking shelter from the rain.

Jumping in Muddle Puddles by Mason MC. A cute and cuddly Shaun ready for a new adventure - so cute!

Rain party by LVCruger3. Rain parties are the best - looks like the flock are having a great time!         

If you weren't lucky this time our new competition is now up and running and this time we want you to share your Christmas-themed pictures this time. Perhaps you can incorporate the new Llama characters that will be appearing on the TV soon (and which you'll find popping up on the website every now and then!) We have an amazing prize of our winner in the shape of limited edition Robert Harrop figurine, Christmas Bleatings DVD, Shaun mask and Shaun calendar. Four runners up will receive a DVD, calendar and mask. So visit the gallery to upload your creation!

Posted by Luisa 2 years 2 weeks ago

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  • momiji-aya

    yay ^^

  • bitzer45

    tried to enter in my picture but didnt let me!!I am so dissapointed,it was such a good one tooany one know why this happened?

  • ashleyc Aardman Team

    Hello Bitzer45, Sorry to hear you hand trouble uploading your entry. Do you remember if you got an error message and what it said? We'll have a look into the issue for you. Thanks, Ashley

  • kuroi maple

    AWW can't wait to hold shaun toy.. thank you baa-ry much

  • elpida

    thank you



  • elpida

    Do i send my details throw email?


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