The Making of Shaun the Sheep The Movie


We've already brought you some snippets of life behind the scenes of Shaun the Sheep The Movie but this is a real treat - almost 12 minutes dedicated to a 'making of' video so you get an even bigger insight into how Shaun's big screen adventure came into being!

Take a journey with the film's directors, Mark and Golly, as they go from sitting in their office, brainstorming script ideas - fuelled by endless cups of coffee - to watching the final cut. There are a lot of funny moments as the duo try to convey their creative vision to the model makers, animators and set builders. Along the way, you'll get to meet lots of other crew members and see what they get up to on set. There's a lovely moment with Justin Fletcher - the 'voice' of Shaun - as he hits the recording studio to bring Shaun to life with an amazing collection of gasps, sighs, baaahs and giggles! 

Then you can find out about the music used in the film. Watch a full orchestra reherse the much-loved Shaun theme tune and find out a little more about the all-new tracks that were specially commissioned for the movie, including the catchy 'Feels Like Summer' song that opens the film.

Finally, it's the big day and Mark and Golly go back to the place where it all started to watch their 'baby' make its entry into the big, wide world! There's laughter, a few tears and sighs of relief as the directors see the crew's hard work come to fruition!

You can take a look at more behind the scenes videos, trailers and classic Shaun the Sheep clips on Shaun's YouTube channel. 

Posted by Luisa 6 years 7 months ago