Behind the Scenes on Shaun the Sheep The Movie!

Ever wondered what goes into making an animation film like Shaun the Sheep The Movie? CBBC favourite Blue Peter invited viewers to find out this week, in an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek during the show! But don't worry if you missed it - the clip is available to watch on the Blue Peter website here. Presenter Radzi tries his hand at making a Shaun model and finds out about the painstaking process involved in bringing Shaun to life for the big screen.

Did you know, for example, that it takes 10 days to make just one Shaun model, and that when shooting is taking place, around 15 identical models are being filmed at the same time. Seventeen animators have been involved in the making of the Movie and in the clip Radzi gets to try his hand at animating a Shaun on set - the Shaun in question can be seen wearing a bag accessorised with the legendary Blue Peter badge!

Alongside the clip, there's a cool craft activity to try on the Blue Peter website, too - make your own Farmyard scene, including Farmer's house and Shaun, which you can then use as a backdrop for your own animations! You might like to try Aardman's very own animation app, Animate It!, to make your film, which you can download for free on your phone. You can also try the full program, using the free trial for your PC. When you're happy with your film, upload it to the CBBC website and it might be featured on the website or show!

Posted by Luisa 4 years 2 months ago