August's Art Yard Winners Announced!

Another month, another bunch of competition winners to announce! We gave you the challenge of creating an artwork on the theme 'Make the Flock Laugh' last month and as usual you didn't disappoint! Thanks to everyone who took part - you certainly made us chuckle with your colourful creations.
Well done to our winner this month, Ahasse, for their brilliant and funny hand-drawn animation of the flock visiting a magic show. We're sure Shaun and the gang would have a real giggle seeing Bitzer get pulled out of the magician's hat rather than the standard rabbit!
Our runners up this time around are:
Phoebe 123 for Shaun Makes the Flock Laugh - a beautifully drawn colourful picture by 8-year-old Phoebe
fluffy11cat for Shaun the Sheep Doing Bunny Ears with Bitzer - the duo pull a classic prank in this bold picture!
kathjuggler for Pigs Might Fly - a funny picture inspired by the Shaun in the City trail
emma_b for Shaun and the Clowns -this bright picture is packed with wonderful details and we loved seeing the flock dress up as colourful clowns!
Didn't get picked this time? Don't worry! September's competition is now open and ready to receive your entries! This time around we're looking for artworks, models and animations on the theme 'Back to School' - if the flock were going to school, what would they pack in their bags? Would they get the bus or work? And how about school uniform? Upload your creations and you could win a certificate signed by the creator of Shaun's movie and TV series, plus a baahing Shaun toy and Shaun the Sheep mask! 4 runners up will also receive a Shaun the Sheep mask - we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Posted by Luisa 2 years 8 months ago

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  • iCarly2011

    I didn't win anything

  • kathjuggler

    Thank you very much! Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone else who drew great pictures. :)

  • ahasse

    Thanks so much for picking me!! I truly enjoyed making the animation and I can't wait to start my entry for the next contest!

  • Abigator4

    We'll done to every one but not a win for me hopefully I might get a chance this time

  • veragene

    Shaun is my guilty pleasure. I wish he lived in my house. I would kiss his wooly head and and romp with him in my backyard.

  • rohan

    Art creations is nice!

  • rohan

    Congratulations to all!

  • rohan

    like it!

  • rohan

    I am joining september art yard!

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