Published 2nd September 2022

Land's End Hosts Aardman Artworks with an Important Message

Some new artworks arrived at the Aardman exhibition at Land’s End Landmark this summer which highlight the growing problem of plastic pollution in our seas. Created by Avril Greenaway, co-founder of the Cleaner Seas Project, the artworks recreate favourite Aardman characters using micro-plastics found at the beach.

The pieces depict Shaun surfing the waves, the seal from Creature Comforts and the iconic Aardman logo, all created with microplastics washed up on Cornwall’s beaches. In fact, the logo artwork even includes a LEGO cutlas, one of five million pieces of plastic that ended up in the water when a LEGO shipment was lost at sea back in 1997. The artworks include both primary microplastics (the raw material used to make plastic products) and secondary microplastics (large pieces of plastic that have been broken down by UV rays and the power of the waves.)

With its location overlooking the wild and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, Land’s End is a particularly fitting home for art that has such an important message about protecting our seas and beaches from pollution.

To find out more about Aardman Presents: A Grand Experience, visit the Land’s End website here. To read about the great work being done by the Cleaner Seas Project and how you can get involved in beach cleans and other activities, click here.