Where's Shaun?

The flock have gone on an adventure, but Shaun’s got lost in the hustle and bustle of these busy places! Can you help find him with lots of other hidden characters and objects? Unlock 9 awards along the way!

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  • katie Aardman Team

    We hope you like our new game! Has anyone collected all the achievements yet?

  • Shaun Legend



  • baarilliant

    It is challenging but still fun.

  • Shaun the cool

    Yeah i liked it. And also you are the best ardman, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  • gorilla16

    i found all the items in all the levels and got all the achivements except one.


  • gal gal hameleth

    Great game !!!

  • gal gal hameleth

    i'm obssesed with this game!

  • gal gal hameleth

    my favorite game

  • Mower mouth

    I played it and I finished every level but I couldn't finish the find Timmy 4 times  achievement 

  • Cattius-Rex

    Loved the detail in the level designs and enjoyed the game. Missing only one achievement.... but still had fun finding Shaun and the flock.