Welly Wanger

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Help the Naughty Pigs throw their welly as far as possible, using objects along the way for a boost!

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  • spot

    Would anyone want to be my friend?

  • finn

    i do

  • Judybuster

    Its a good game

  • Trainboy

    I'm back!

    1. 1125

    2. 49

    3. 19

  • bijuox123

    my personal best is 1814!

  • finn

    i'd better have over 6 buddies on 28th june..... please

  • aep21

    It's a cool game!


  • Timmy The Small Sheep

    Howdy!  im Timmy,Timmy The Sheep!!

  • Shaun4Sean

    lol love it

  • finn

    exclusive news: lets have a party to celebrate 10 years of mayhem. Reply if you want to party.

    closing date 29th august. The celebration begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!