Shaun the Movie Star

Competition winner

By emma_b

Hello, I made this animation for this month's competition with my little sister. We had loads of fun making it.....hope you like it too! ps Can't wait to see the Shaun the sheep movie!! pps I'll try uploading it again...I got an error message :-(

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  • Chloe B Aardman Team

    Wow! This is fanatastic - what a wonderful animation and super movie puns! 

  • shaunbaaa100

    WOW how do you do that fantstic work really love it so 10 big hoves up to you


  • Trainboy

    Cinemas, great! Wish I was there!

  • milliesheep

    cool vidio emma-b.What a amazing animation!

  • ahasse

    Oh my gosh you are so good at that!! How do you make them move? Is it stop motion? Whatever it is, it's amazing!!

  • JontheSheep

    THat is such an awesome video!

  • CSpicer

    Okay one, what program did you use to create this animation, and two, I love it!

  • leopcb


  • BigFranco

    the badpigs a farmered sized blizter and a bus with a face babyish made for 1 in ah alf year olds

  • BigFranco

    trainboy? i like cinemas to!