Still Life

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By Prinsesser

The Farmer oil paints, but runs out of white paint. Shaun has an idea, but soon the rest of the flock are a riot of color and painting. The Farmer is planning to buy the painting paper if he wants to paint. He paints the green ground, blue sky, and red barn. But the Farmer sees Shaun standing and draw a picture of Shaun. He also sees Shirley and paints a painting version of her. When he finishes, the Flock appears in the close up view and the Farmer is shocked by this and tells Bitzer to get rid of them. Shaun then takes the paint and slowly paints the paper. Timmy's mum uses Timmy as the paint brush to paint it, and so as the Flock. Bitzer tries to tell them to stop before the Farmer discovers. The Farmer is very shocked and sees the paper ruined the Flock colored it. He gives the paper to the man. He then gets lots of money. It ends with him dancing and kissing Timmy.