Cloudy-Rocky-Greeny Expedition

Competition runner up gallery item

By Yohan Mavely

Shaun and his flock have discovered what to do in this New Year 2018! The flock have discovered three new but unexpected resolutions. The flock including Timmy have set off to the British Cruz Mountain (not really present in England but might have discovered the mountain during the trek).The British Cruz Mountain is famous for many clouds present on the top. So, Shaun and his fellow flock member have decided to start a cloudy research. They have invented a new machine to send ultrasonic waves even in those gaseous clouds (ultrasonic waves do not come back after hitting a gaseous medium but this might be possible later in future). They use the machine to scan the inner gases as well as the present matter in the clouds and get the pictures of some discovery. Timmy and another flock member have decided to start digging for minerals. As of now, Timmy finds gold under the earth and is excited to have found the gold as he likes shiny minerals. While the second flock member suddenly discovers a new mineral, a mix of calcium and radium! This is unexpected! The mineral glows in white radiation. He calls this new mineral 'Shaunium', named after Shaun. As it is a new mineral, he thinks of receiving the 'Nobel Prize' in Science. He also thinks of selling these minerals to get money in order to donate to the charity. There are other deposits of gold and 'Shaunium' too. The remaining two flock members are engaged in planting trees as in the mountain, there are less trees but the ground is still grassy. The two members plant trees to save the earth from deforestation. So, the ones in red are the cloud researchers, the yellow are the miners while the green are the forest planters. That's why it's called Cloudy-Rocky-Greeny Expedition. These are great resolutions, aren't they? They might be experts in these works. How wonderful they are to fulfill these resolutions! So you too can do resolutions in science and also saving Our Mother Earth. I hope many will understand.