The Boat

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By Prinsesser

The Farmer buys the Old Boat. When Bitzer is cleaning the Boat, Shaun plays the Boat, which makes Bitzer fly and land into the bucket. The Flock climb to the Boat and 1 Sheep is Rise the Flag and The Boat is sailing. Shaun and Bitzer must control the Boat or it will destroyed. Bitzer drops the anchor that makes the Boat stop. The Pigs climb to the Boat and "The Battle Pirate" is Begun but the battle stops by Bitzer. Shaun and The Pigs jump from the Boat but Bitzer accidentally sails because Shirley foolishness makes Bitzer sliding and crash, the Farmer screams and Surrender with Bitzer activate the Horn, The end of episode is Bitzer and The Farmer watching "The Accident of Titanic".