Sheep Stack

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  • luna

    this game is soooo!!! fun!!

  • luna

    but  level  7 is hard

  • Silly_Sheep

    this game is hard. how do you complete level 8? i aced level 7

  • Homie sheep

    knock down small plank on right side first, then balance that with 2 sheep shot from the right side (one somewhere, one at the far end). Then knock down the huge one. Then stack to glory. BTW How do you do lvl 12?

  • Silly_Sheep

    i enjoy how hard it is.

  • cuddlytimmy

    level 6

  • peculina

    confusing but fun in lvl 3

  • kaushi

    wowie it is lovely

  • kaushi

    but I got through level seven

  • Elmijane

    I can't complete level 12 :-(

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