Shear Speed

Turbo-charge your hooves and get ready for the race of your life! The new Shear Speed racing app lets you dash at wool throttle through the Big City, dodging a variety of increasingly challenging obstacles along the way. Be sure to keep your distance from the evil Trumper, a dastardly animal catcher determined to round up Flock and fling them in the pound!

As you journey through the metropolis, jump, roll and dodge the hazards that stand in your path. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for grass as you go - you'll need to much on the green stuff to keep that all-important boost meter powered up and those legs running at full speed! 

Shear Speed features unique stop-motion animations and real scenes from Shaun the Sheep The Movie, and while it's simple to play it's a bit more tricky to master. So, are you ready to hit the streets? On your marks, get set, GO!



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