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  • beatrice c

    Cool game! You can actually play it on Cbbc too!

  • shaunlotte101

    Love the game.But,could anyone at Aardman think about putting in all the games like they are on CBBC?Put it like that,and it might remind me of when I was little.

  • Deepika SD

    I like this game.

  • Deepika SD

    I like this game.

  • spot

    this game is epic

  • Bitzer101

    Great game!

  • luna

    This game is fun!! but level 11 is hard i can't pass it.

  • EmmyRed18

    The trick is to keep each color in a separate spot. I.e. pink on the lever, red in the left hand "bucket", purple in the right hand "bucket".

  • Silly_Sheep

    hi bunnies i'll see if i can complete level 11. i trust you that it is hard.

  • leopcb

    oh boy new game 

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